Common Questions

What interface languages does Modulus supports?

Modulus currently supports English and Arabic, we will be supporting more languages in future.

How long does implementing Modulus takes?

Your account will be ready in 48 hours after you sign the contract.

Can I do bulk data entry?

Modulus implementation consultant can help you to do bulk data entry. Please ask your consultant for this service.

Do I pay annually or quarterly or monthly?

Modulus accepts all payments quarterly. However you can terminate the service at anytime and get refunded. As a benefit to our customers who pay annually we will be offering 10%.

What happen if I don't want the service do I lose my data?

Your data is safe with us. Anytime you want to leave we will export all the data in Excel sheets and hand them over to you. We also keep your data for 45 days in case you changed your mind and want to keep using Modulus.

HR Questions (Personnel + Compensation and Benefits)

How can I track my employees working remotely where I can't make them punch in and out?

In modulus we have several type of shifts, one of the shift types called Errand shift; errand shifts are shifts that we don't expect the employee to punch in/out it is an un-attended shift .

How many employees can the system handle?

We can handle thousands of employees, focus on your business and we will take care of your employees.

Can an Employee report to more than one direct head?

If you think of that question then you are mislead by the term direct head. The direct head from Modulus perspective is the head or manager who is responsible for accepting vacation/permission/errand requests for that specific employee and also responsible for setting employee attendance calendar and approving overtime. This has nothing to do with the reporting in other company sectors.

Is there Performance and appraisal module?

Performance and appraisal module is scheduled to be released in the 2nd quarter of 2016.

Task Management

Can I manage several projects with the Task Management Tool?

You can treat task groups as projects, in each task group you can assign bunch of users to that group and they can all collaborate in that group by assigning tasks to each other.

What is minimum required field to create a task?

In order to create a task all you need is title, description and task priority. Any other data is just optional and you can set them anytime later.

Who gets notified when a task is updated?

The task creator gets notified every time a task is updated and also all task followers. The followers are users you assigned to follow on the updates happening to the task.

What is the Task statuses?

When a new task is created its status is new. Once someone starts working on it it can be changed to in-progress. The task is considered completed only when its status is changed to completed.

Sales Force

How many teams can I manage?

You can manage any number of teams. A team is specified from a team leader and team members. At anytime you can assign a team leader or change the team leader. The team leader has some bigger roles that regular team members. The team leader can assign activities and tasks to team members and track their activities.

What customer info do you track?

For every new lead or customer we allow you to store the company info and personnel info. Usually when you deal with a company you deal with several key persons inside that company. The sales force module allows you to add key contacts personnel under a company

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