Compensation and Benefits

Why Compensation and Benefits?

If you have 50 or more employees you need 2 to 3 days to calculate your employees salaries. Modulus® Compensation and Benefits module takes that pain away, and allows Human Resource personnel to focus on activities that enhance your work environment.

Define Company Policies

Company policy allows you to define penalties/bonuses to penalize or award your employees based on their performance.

Define Tardiness Policy

Define your tardiness schemes and penalize late presence. Modulus® allows you to define tardiness policies as flexible as possible; you can apply it on daily or monthly basis or both.

Absence Policy

The absence policy tells what happens when an employee does not show up at all without any excuse. Modulus® allows you to define absence based on occurrence.


Modulus® payroll is super flexible, it allows you to customize your payroll items, payroll pay parties (who pays/gets paid) and pay rules.


Modulus® will help you track your employees loans and installments on loans refund.


Modulus® handles settlements which can be used to either compensate employees or deduct from them.

Payroll Cycles

Modulus® allows you to define payroll cycles; you define your own period (start and end dates). Salaries will be generated automatically based on employees attendance, tardiness, absence, policy actions, pay rules.In seconds your salary sheet will be up and ready.

Salary Slip

Every employee will be allowed to see his/her salary slip through his/her online self services. The salary slip will be descriptive; so that each employee will know exactly why and how each number in his/her salary slip is calculated. No more arguments about deductions.

Compensation and Benefits

Compensation and Benefits Module is dependent on Personnel module. Create your account now and start generating your payroll