Why Personnel?

The personnel module allows you to hold all your employees data and information in a single repository for easy access anywhere anytime.

Employee Profile

Modulus™ facilitates easy tracking of employees data. Reduces paper archiving and reminds you with important dates.

  • Contact Info
  • Employment Info
  • Family Info
  • Identification Info
  • Attachments: Upload any number of documents for each employee
  • Alerts: Set alerts and reminders to remind you with important events. For instance your employee ID or Passport expiry date, driver license expiry date, etc.

Employee Self Services

Modulus® allows Human Resource personnel to focus on important activities that creates better working environment instead of wasting time on dummy tasks. No more queues on HR personnel desk. Increase transparency; employees can track their leaves history, permission, errands and even view/print their own salary slip.

  • Request Normal/Casual Vacations
  • Request Errand approval from his direct head
  • Request Permission (if allowed in company policy) from his direct head.
  • Check his/her salary slip and print it.
  • Check his/her Attendance.

Modulus® is Designed for Everyone

Modulus® is designed to adapt any attendance scheme. Modulus™ accommodates any contract type.

Attendance Schemes

Modulus™ allows you to create any tardiness scheme for every attendance scheme.

  • Strict Hours
  • Flex Hours
  • Daily Target Hours
  • Monthly Target Hours

Contract Types

Modulus® manages different types of contracts

  • Trainee
  • Full Time
  • Part Time
  • Management by Objectives (MBO)



Modulus® supports working shifts. Create as many shifts as you want; and even cross day shifts.


Modulus® tracks overtime accurately.
However, it allows you to apply only what you approve.


Save time and effort and avoid human errors. No more complains from Employees about their entitlement dates or vacation balances. Modulus® provides easy tracking for Vacation History

  • Dynamic vacation types
  • Auto calculation for entitled date
  • Auto update vacation balances
  • Track vacations using vacation log
  • Apply Formal Vacations
  • Auto calculation for effective days
  • Split vacation
  • Email notification on every new vacation response


Track your employees‘ attendance while they are outside the company premises.


Increase your company‘s benefits by offering your employees compensated (or non-compensated) permissions. Modulus® will track this for you hassle free.

Attendance Devices Integration

Modulus provides a desktop tool that automatically pulls your employees attendance reports from the attendance devices and pushes it online to your modulus account.