Task Management

Why Task Management?

Since the beginning of the internet era, emails played an important role in communication between company peers. Email is terrific tool, but when it comes to peer communications Email is just not good enough. How many times you lost tracking of a certain task because an email stopped at a certain team member and no one followed up on him. Modulus® Task Module allows you to collaborate effectively and efficiently with your peers. A task is created and assigned to a single user. Task comments and attachments are available within the task view.


  • Keep Track of tasks during projects.
  • Help managers to monitor their sub-ordinates progress
  • Balance Individual resources workload
  • Improve operations efficiency and avoid missing deadlines.
  • Facilitate team communications
    • Task Group members can share files and comments
    • Email notifications keep task group members updated

Task Group

A Task group can be used as (Folder/Project/Group/Collection/Workspace). You simply create a task group and assign a set of users for that particular group and all group users can post tasks within the group and view public tasks in it.

Task Group Users

Task group users can view all public tasks inside the group folder.

Modulus Handles Collaboration

Speed up your work

No more wasting time in emails; all your company tasks are in one place available with a mouse click.

Low Cost

Modulus® Task Management is offered at affordable pricing scheme to encourage everyone to join. Check our pricing page.


We designed the Modulus Task for day to day activities without any unneeded sophistications.

Modulus Tasks

Modulus Task Anatomy

  • Creator
  • Assignee
  • Start Date and Due Date
  • Title and Description
  • Comments
  • Attachments
  • Logs
  • Priority
  • Status


The person created the task. He is the task owner.


The person that the task is assigned to.



Task Status

New/In Progress/Completed

Task Visibility

A task can be set public or private. Private tasks will be only visible to the assignee and task watchers.

Task Watchers

Task watchers are users that will get an email notification everytime task attribute gets changed.

Modulus® Task

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